Termite Damage

Termites can cause financial ruin for homeowners, as insurance policies do not cover damage created by this invading pest. According to the latest data from NPMA, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every single year.

The key in avoiding termites in and around your home is knowing how they live, how they gain access into your home, and how to keep them at bay, and how to best protect your home.

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Termite Treatment Methods

Liquid Treatment

Our conventional treatments work inside, outside, and under your home’s foundation to provide a protective barrier around your home. This offers immediate protection as well as protection from future infestations throughout the duration of the protection plan. The latest equipment and training allows Excel to deliver the precise amount of product needed to protect your home and family.

Dry Foam

Dry Foam termiticide is used to treat voids and spaces in exterior and interior walls, under slabs, and around pipes. This ultra-low moisture combination of termiticide and Dry Foam prevents damage to your home’s walls or floors. Dry foam treatments expand in all directions to reach critical areas, providing your and your family with extra coverage and protection.

Re-treatment Program

If termites return to your home following a treatment, Excel Termite and Pest Control will return to retreat the problem at no additional charge. We operate to serve and protect your home and your family.

Bait & Monitoring Plus Direct Liquid

Monitoring stations are placed in strategic at-risk locations around the entire perimeter of your home to determine termite activity. When termite activity is detected, the monitoring station is replaced with the bait device. Termites feed on the product, ingest the bait, and share it with other termites throughout the colony, helping to establish colony control and elimination.

Excel Termite and Pest Control’s continuous termite protection includes:

Ongoing Professional Inspections – Excel Termite and Pest Control will continue to inspect and monitor your home for signs of termite activity all year long.

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