Common Misconceptions About Termites

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People hear the word termites and the crazy stories and ideas just start flowing. The boom in the housing industry has brought termites to the forefront of homeowners’ minds, and with good reason. Termites eat wood. Most home termite damage is by Formosan Subterranean Termites. These are one of three types of termites that reside almost everywhere. Formosan Subterranean Termites make their meal from dampened wood. As such, people have come up with some amazing ways to “stop” termites from destroying their homes. Some of these wild stories work while others only increase the problem. In this article, we explore some of the common misconceptions about termites and homes.

Termites and Brick Houses

There is a misconception that termites will not attack a house made out of bricks. While it is true that termites do not eat bricks, homeowners with brick homes should realize that the construction of a brick home requires the use of a lot of wood. Termites are happy to eat wood even if it is surrounded by brick walls. So, houses made with brick walls are not safe from termites.
Termite Protection

Termites and Concrete

Another wild rumor is that termites cannot eat through concrete. That happens to be true. Termites have no desire whatsoever to eat through concrete. Termites use little cracks in the concrete to gain entrance to the wood in a house. If your entire foundation is a solid concrete slab, termites will find a way inside if they are hungry. The thing to remember about concrete is that weatherization and shifting, settling of the ground beneath the slab, or even poor construction cause concrete to crack. Even the best foundation may not keep termites from moving into your home.

Termites like Rotten Wood over Wood in Your House

Some people have decided that keeping old boards and rotting wood around their property will keep termites from colonizing their home. That logic is not quite sound. In fact, leaving rotten wood and boards around your home is likely going to attract termites. Once they have colonized the wood, they will turn to any other dead wood source, such as your home. What you have done is provided them with a base to build a colony, which then increases the risk that the termites will start eating the wood in your home. Old boards and rotting wood are also a fire hazard. It is best to remove them and the temptation they offer termites.

Carpenter Ants and Termites Do Not Live in the Same Area

Carpenter ants and termites live just fine together as neighbors, and they have for millions of years. They do not eat the same food. Carpenter ants make their home in wood and eat a varied diet of meat, honeydew, and even plants. Termites only eat dead wood. Because they do not compete for food, they make great neighbors. Carpenter ants may raid termite colonies from time to time, but such aggression is not without a price. Termite soldiers are well equipped to deal with ants.

Termites are highly successful insects that live almost everywhere. They are beneficial in nature, but not so much when they move into your home. For the best and most accurate information on termites visit our website. If you need to determine if you have a termite infestation, or would like information about how to get rid of termites, just call us. We are happy to answer your questions.

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