How to Safely and Effectively Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes

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Summer is meant to be a time of fun in the sun and enjoying your home inside and out, but the presence of mosquitoes makes that difficult. Instead of children playing, you’re deciding between inevitable bug bites or harsh chemicals to avoid them.

Mosquitoes can go beyond being a nuisance, acting as carriers for diseases like malaria and dengue fever, only causing more concern for your household. All that it takes to attract or breed a mosquito population is standing water or places that  could potentially hold a fair amount of moisture. Expecting your children to constantly put on chemical sprays or to keep your own pets away from your lawn for fear of them ingesting chemicals is nowhere near a solution.

So all of this begs the question: How can I safely and effectively control the population of mosquitoes on my property?

Mosquito ControlOne important thing to remember is that if you do not want to go through the hassle of treating your own yard monthly, it is better to leave it in the hands of a professional. Since mosquitoes can easily reestablish a presence in your yard after one treatment, it is important to continue the service on a monthly basis. Applying EPA-registered products to common harborage sites can be a great start to keeping your family safe and mosquito populations down. Using higher quality products and having a professional there on a monthly basis can be a great start to enjoying your yard again.

The mosquito products Excel Termite & Pest Control uses are EPA-registered and are safe for children and pets so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our professional service. There’s no reason to improve your yard if you can’t use it and feel safe doing so. Drenching your lawn in one large go of it may seem effective at the time, but it doesn’t consistently tackle the issue of mosquitoes and instead puts your family at risk with higher dosages. Services spaced out monthly mean less saturation of your yard while increasing maximum results when it comes to reducing mosquitoes. The consistent, month-to-month treatments greatly alleviate any mosquito issue throughout the season, and allows your yard to remain a part of your home to be enjoyed.

The important thing is to do you research and only allow your yard to be treated by a company you trust, with treatments that are verified as being safe for your children. Excel Termite & Pest Control will protect your yard by delivering effective, monthly treatments so you can enjoy your entire property to the fullest.


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