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Bugs. The last thing anyone wants to experience in their own home is bugs. You want pest control that’s hassle free and actually works. Excel’s Pest Control Home Protection Plan is the best way to guard your home from unwanted pests. This year-round plan protects against over 25 different pests. Some companies charge extra to treat against bees, wasps, ticks, fleas and other bothersome bugs. Not Excel — our plan is all-inclusive, which means you can be worry-free all year long.

Rodents not only carry disease, but are also notorious for introducing other destructive pests, such as ticks and fleas, to homes. Our experts understand how hazardous mice and rats can be, and take steps to ensure that your home is safe. During our thorough rodent inspections, our trained professionals check for rodent droppings, possible entry points, and other signs of an infestation. We then take all measures to eradicate the infestation, including baiting, trapping, and exclusion.

Rodents aren’t the only pests with the ability to reproduce rapidly. Silverfish and roach infestations can go from bad to worse without professional treatment. As part of our plan, we inspect the exterior of your house for bees’ and wasps’ nests, which means you never have to worry about getting stung. We also check for gaps, holes and cracks to make sure pests such as spiders and carpenter ants have no way into your home.

What makes Excel’s Pest Control Home Protection Plan superior to the rest? We provide quarterly treatments that include applying a liquid barrier around the foundation of the home. This barrier, along with granular baiting, deters invasive pests from entering your home. In addition to treating your basement, garage, crawl spaces and trash areas, we install termite monitors around the foundation of your home. We check these monitors during our quarterly checkups. And if at any time you suspect a pest problem, give us a call. Our experts are ready to provide fast, effective service at no additional charge.

Guard your home year-round from all pests with Excel’s Pest Control Home Protection Plan. Our expert service, along with preventive treatment for a large variety of pests, makes this plan the ultimate pest control solution.

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